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The Logistics Alliance™ Inbound Freight Management Program partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart is the most successful program of its kind. Some of the benefits realized by vendors who have enrolled in the program include:

• The reduction of “time in transit” and order cycle time, therefore allowing the retail customer the ability to have access to more accurate inventory information and as a result have more vendor product on store shelves quickly.

• A single point of contact managing the supply chain on behalf of both the vendor and retail customer to ensure on time delivery

• Vendors do not have to make delivery appointments at the distribution centres. The total shipment handling process is managed by Logistics Alliance™ from pickup through to on-time delivery

• When the vendor has their order available for pickup as scheduled, they will not be held liable for late delivery. Vendor compliance is assisted by Logistics Alliance™, which allows our customer and program vendors to focus on order fulfillment and sales rather than operational issues.

The program is designed to be price competitive. Rates are consistent with the vendor's own all in delivered cost to distribution centres. See the comments from our program vendors that prove our success:

“At first I was unsure as to how my rates and service would be affected. In fact, the total overall costs have gone down and the Program offers maximum flexibility on all levels.”

Dan Burcombe: Warehousing and Logistics Manager - Church & Dwight Inc.

“We joined the Program in August, 2000 and soon learned how easy and proactive the process is and now rely upon Logistics Alliance ability to work with us to ensure on-time service.”

Joe Nanni: Distribution Manager - GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare

“Logistics Alliance provides a single source of contact to help us manage one of our top Customers. We are thrilled with their unique service which aides our efforts of managing thousands of orders over the course of the year. Their service allows Shoppers Drug Mart to work with P&G and LA simultaneously allowing visibility and control of the entire order cycle. This is especially critical when delivering new product initiatives, Front Page ads and promotions.Their CPU program is measured against our internal controls and proves to be reliable resulting in a higher than average on time delivery. We look forward to continued success and the excellent service provided by the LA Management Team and support staff."

Ted Jin: Retail Supply Chain Manager - Procter & Gamble

"Cadbury has supported the Inbound Program since 2001. Some of benefits we've enjoyed include not incurring additional accessorial costs at time of delivery, while working with dedicated professionals who consolidate our orders for pickup and delivery to the various Matrix DC's. This ensures our product is delivered on time, allowing for a strong supply chain, all the way through to store level."

Bud Hall: Transportation Manager - Kraft Canada

Please contact the Logistics Alliance™ Business Development team today for more information and to get started.

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