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Inbound Freight Management Program

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Logistics Alliance™ is the only provider in the marketplace with proven long term success implementing and running an Inbound Freight Management Program.

Historically, vendors have taken responsibility for the planning and delivery of goods to their retail customers. This approach has been proven to be prone to hidden costs and inefficiency that affects all parties in the supply chain. Over the past 10 years Logistics Alliance™ has developed a patent pending process as well as the organization and tools that enable us to deliver positive bottom line results to our customers. The benefits realized by our customers through our unique method include:

• Reduced time in transit

• Reduced order cycle time for shipments

• Reduced inventory levels due to improved service in the supply chain that ensures the right product is available at the right time utilizing the lowest cost transportation solution

• Improved vendor compliance

• Reduced operating costs through improved operational productivity and asset management

• Revenue opportunities through partnership and elimination of hidden costs

• Unique processes for addressing key operational challenges that often impede successful just in time delivery and receipt of inbound products

In these days, where establishing an inbound freight management program to further save costs across the supply chain has become critical, Logistics Alliance™ is the only service provider who can claim to have the experience, tools and proven track record to deliver results.

“Ever since we joined with Logistics Alliance, shipping to Shoppers Drug Mart has been literally hassle free. Having LA pick up shipments from our warehouse and deliver eliminates a lot of previous ‘problems’ we had with delivery appointments, missed appointments and waiting times at DC locations. These alone have saved us money as the weight and fuel rates didn’t change when we switched from our previous carrier to Logistics Alliance.

Not only are the cost savings beneficial but your online web portal is easy to use and very helpful if we're short product. Real-time updating makes adjusting pick up quantities a day before easy.

Thanks again – if only other retailers had the same programs!!”

Brian Riddell - TFB & Associates

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