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Events have become an increasingly important part of the retail landscape. Whether the product is part of a seasonal or weekly flyer event, the bottom line is that freight can be coming from anywhere in the world and must be delivered “just in time”.

Logistics Alliance™ are experts in managing and coordinating all aspects of the supply chain needed to create a successful event. We understand the key parts of this process and what must happen at each stage. Some of the the benefits realized by our customers and vendors include:

• Improved management to ensure product availability commitments are kept and understood by all parties

• Planning and scheduling of deliveries to optimize fulfilment of the order by the vendor, as well as the customer's warehouse receiving

• Communication and visibility as to the location of the order from the moment it leaves the vendor's dock

• More flexibility in the supply chain thanks to the extensive network of logistics and carrier partners

Logistics Alliance™ are able to react quickly and eliminate issues or road blocks that might otherwise stop the delivery of critical product on time. Let us take the risk out of managing your next supply chain event.

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